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March 12th, 2015

On behalf of easily the hottest computer company in Israel right now (self-driving cars, big noisy IPO, etc. etc.), I'm looking for people in the two areas I'm involved with:

If you're a strong programmer, especially one who's also interested in math/vision/learning or low-level/hardware/optimization or both, you'll probably find enjoyable stuff to do. It looks like there's still plenty of room for growth, which usually means a lot of work to choose from. On the other hand, there's no risk of "wasting" your effort on a product which might never ship.

If you aren't a programmer but a hardware hacker (experienced in ASIC/FPGA or just straight out of school), we're hiring for these positions as well – I'll forward your CV to the relevant people.

People who work autonomously are a great fit, and they tend to like us - we gladly dial the extent of management down to near-zero levels when appropriate.

Also, I'd love to find people who tend to be at the center of things working with others – though there's always something in stock for people who'd rather spend time alone with a worthy problem.

Relevant experience – might be a plus of course, but not a must.

Send email to [email protected], and tell your friends. Seriously, one never knows and it's kinda awkward to sell vaguely described positions at a personal blog, but I think it can be a really nice opportunity.

Update: I should mention that we're in Jerusalem and while working from another location is not impossible, it's an extremely rare arrangement. So if you don't plan to relocate and send your resume nonetheless, I might have nothing to offer even though you sent a perfectly good one.

(It so happens that most resumes come from abroad. Blogging in Hebrew would make posts about open positions more effective, I guess; it turns out that people tend to mostly read in their mother tongue. I find it rather weird – I mean when it comes to computing where the terminology and even the code is in English, so writing about it in another language is invariably awkward. The fact remains, however, that most of my readers are from the US and the UK... Had the British Empire conquered four quarters of the world instead of just one, certainly language-wise life would have been simpler for us all.)

1. Dan LuuMar 13, 2015

Is it safe to assume that these are non-remote positions in Israel that require Israeli citizenship or other Israeli work authorization?

2. Yossi KreininMar 13, 2015

No, it's not entirely safe to assume it :-) Especially at the chip side of things a remote position could work (internal infrastructure people gain particularly much from physical presence.)

The company has some presence outside Israel, has employed people through non-trivial arrangements in the past, and still does. Having an Israeli citizenship and coming to work at the Jerusalem office daily makes things tremendously easier but in exceptional cases, well, exceptions could be made, though I could not guarantee it.

The upshot is that a CV is worth sending even say for someone in the US at a very different time zone from Jerusalem.

3. Jonni NiemannMar 27, 2015

Sounds like a great opportunity. I will check with my Olim from Gvahim (www.gvahim.org.il).

4. AlonApr 6, 2015

Why not say the name of the company who just did the IPO ? It's pretty obvious anyhow...

5. Yossi KreininApr 6, 2015

If you're savvy enough to guess the company, I trust that you're likewise savvy enough to guess why I phrase things in some way and not another.

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