We're hiring

June 28th, 2011

Or, we'll hire if we find the right person.

If you live in Israel and are into things like:

...we might have a bunch of stuff to interest you. Benefits/drawbacks/features:

A great place to work, if you ask me. If you're interested, send mail to [email protected]

1. ZeppoJun 28, 2011

Sounds like you do interesting stuff, indeed. Hope you find some good people.

2. MottiJun 28, 2011

C++? Et Tu Yosefk?

3. Yossi KreininJun 28, 2011

Would I have a strong opinion about it if I didn't use it?

4. SlackerJul 2, 2011

Sounds great. It's hard to find a job involving C and optimization of low-level number crunching code these days. Would you have any plans of relocating/branching your office to Poland? ;-) UK or other English-speaking country would do too ;-).

Happy hunting (for candidates, of course).

5. BenSep 27, 2011

Sounds tempting: specially the understaffing part, I need some action! How much trouble is it to relocate in Israel for a non Jew, non Hebrew speaking, EU citizen.

Is taking someone from abroad a considered option?

Asking the questions for myself, but I guess that may be of interest to more people than just me.

6. Yossi KreininSep 27, 2011

@Ben: I don't think relocating is much trouble, only getting citizenship might be, and as to Hebrew – most people speak English or an approximation.

As to us having considered someone from abroad – not seriously because we didn't think they'd consider us, Israel not being the Silicon Valley or some other of the places people typically go to in search of work. So it's flattering that you ask; if you want to go into details, I think e-mail is the best way.

7. DanNov 9, 2011

Sounds like heaven to me. Your company isn't, by chance, looking for someone to open a new office in the US, are they?

(P.S. looking forward to a blog post about your thoughts on C++11. *snicker*)

8. Yossi KreininNov 9, 2011

There is a US office, but I don't know if they're hiring, and if they do, they'd be looking for an algorithmic background (computer vision/machine learning/parameters estimation/etc.)

Regarding C++11 – trouble is that I'm not into the whole technical satire thing these days, or satire in general, for that matter, so I've lost conceptual continuity with my writing from the C++ FQA times. I'm sort of thinking about it occasionally, maybe I'll publish something but it'll definitely be different.

9. gus3Mar 13, 2012

Did you ever find someone for this position?

10. Yossi KreininMar 13, 2012

Yeah, actually we're hiring again.

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