Looking for a functional safety/ISO 26262 expert (anywhere on the globe)

May 19th, 2016

Unlike most positions mentioned here, this one includes the possibility of working remotely (certainly from Europe and I think from elsewhere, too), with occasional visits to Jerusalem.

Functional safety experts with automotive experience are generally rare and in demand, meaning that

However, I imagine that a friend of a safety expert might be among my readers. If you're that reader, you can tell your friend the safety expert that we're very eager to hire them, and will go a long way to make an attractive proposition.

We particularly value experience at the chip/ASIC side of things (translating ISO 26262 requirements to actionable guidelines on hardening the design in question, together with a verification methodology and the required safety documentation.) We also value recommendations from designers who had to follow the expert's guidelines, as well as experience in presenting safety cases to customers.

1. FlorinMay 27, 2016

If you leave my comment visible, please remove my email adress. Thank you!

2. Yossi KreininMay 27, 2016

I'll simply leave your comment unpublished. I sent you a reply to your email, BTW.

3. RachaelMar 7, 2018

ISO expert available

4. dharmesh kumarJun 26, 2018

ISO good advice, thanks

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