Ceramic sculptures

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I made these between 2008 and 2010 and then mostly stopped making them. Ceramic sculpture is a wonderful medium, but as a process, personally I enjoy drawing much more.

Drawing is cheating; it's a flat page, there's nothing there, only an illusion of something, so it can be whatever you want. With a sculpture, you get to worry about weight, and with ceramics, you need it to not explode in the oven, which means making it hollow, which means taking it apart, scrubbing the clay from the middle of every part, and putting it back together, in a way keeping it from falling apart.

(I also don't love messing with wet clay, but when I tried 3D modeling, which isn't wet, sticky or otherwise physical, I found that again I prefer 2D. Much like physical sculpting, 3D involves honestly making a thing, and this honesty saddles you with various chores, albeit different ones from scrubbing clay from your temporarily dismembered sculture. I prefer to weasel out of all these chores by not making a thing, and instead drawing something that looks like the thing.)

This isn't ceramics - it's acrylic-on-celluloid abstract paintings I made in 1999, but it's somewhat similar in spirit to the glazing I use on much of the sculptures (click for more images):