Animation by 1st graders

February 4th, 2024

The animated loops & still images below were made by 1st graders over 3 1-hour sessions in January-February 2024. We were 2 adults instructing 9-10 children. We told the kids we were going to make a loop of a bouncing flappy bird like this:


We split this over 3 lessons like this:

  1. Drawing a background image
  2. Making a bouncing ball loop - the bird's body
  3. Adding wings, eyes and a beak

Kids could also add wings to a reference bouncing ball loop, in case they missed the 2nd session or otherwise wanted to.

Here are some birds they made:

34-Lia-2024-01-12_08-56-07.gif 301493-Heleni-bird-before-wings.gif 301278-2024-01-26_08-51-56.gif 217325-2024-01-26_08-50-55.gif 31a-bird-before-wings.gif 31a-2024-02-02_03-04-40.gif 29-2024-01-12_09-19-11.gif 33-2024-02-02_09-00-06.gif

And here are all of their loops and still images, split into groups each hopefully made by one kid (not 100% sure because kids sometimes swapped laptops, for example because of the battery running low):

34-Lia-2024-01-12_08-56-07.gif 34-Lia-2024-01-12_09-2234--29.gif 34-Lia-2024-02-02_09-08-31.gif 34-Lia-2024-02-02_09-20-26.gif 34-Lia-2024-01-12_08-27-25.gif

301493-Heleni-bird-before-wings.gif 301493-Heleni-2024-01-26_08-55-43-undeleted.gif 301493-Heleni-2024-01-11_15-32-21.gif 301493-Heleni-2024-01-12_08-55-57.gif 301493-Heleni-2024-01-12_09-07-21.gif

301278-2024-01-12_09-16-26-frame0000.png 301278-2024-01-26_08-51-56.gif

217325-2024-01-26_08-50-55.gif 217325-frame0002.png

31a-2024-02-02_03-04-40.gif 31a-bird-before-wings.gif

29-2024-01-11_14-25-45.gif 29-2024-01-12_08-55-37.gif 29-2024-01-12_09-06-52.gif 29-2024-01-12_09-19-11.gif

33-2024-01-26_08-54-55.gif 33-2024-01-26_09-19-02.gif 33-2024-02-02_09-00-06.gif

25-2024-01-12_08-28-32.gif 25-2024-01-12_09-14-10.gif 25-2024-01-12_09-27-39.gif

301239-2024-01-11_14-46-10.gif 301239-2024-01-26_09-00-09.gif 301239-2024-02-02_09-05-16.gif 301239-bird-before-wings-first-frame.gif 301239-bird-before-wings.gif

31-2024-01-26_02-52-14.gif 31-2024-02-03_21-42-10-last-frame.gif 31-frame0002.png

The reference bouncing ball loop some kids added the rest of the bird to: