My e-mail address is [email protected]. In a previous version of, I used to spell it thusly:

To contact me, use an e-mail address looking just like my name, but with a dot instead of a space between the first name and the last name, at the Google e-mail server. There, this should be enough to confuse the stupid spam bots, so I'll only get mail from the intelligent spam bots.

Several programmers liked this, or so I figured based on messages where they identified themselves as intelligent spam bots. However, two things made the original address spelling obsolete: (1) I started getting enough spam to make trusting the filter the only feasible thing, so more spam can no longer hurt, and (2) I added non-technical content, which potentially means non-technical visitors, and I doubt they would appreciate the joke, or even decipher the address.

Vote for death penalty for spam.