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Part of C++ FQA Lite

This is a list of changes in the FQA part of the site done after October 28, 2007. It only mentions "real" changes to the contents, not typo fixes and such.

The Q&A sections of the FQA and Defective C++ are probably not going to change much; mostly, I plan to add links to corrections on a separate page.


Added a correction about conversions between code and data pointers, and a reader's submission regarding a truly mind-numbing error message.


Added a single page version (Defective C++, Q&A, FQA errors, everything else left out). Linked to it from the index page. Deleted a sentence from the FQA errors page, added a sentence to the FQA FAQ. That kind of stuff.


Added two C++ corrections (regarding #define private public and multi-dimensional arrays). Slight editing of the FAQ (most notably, added a correction about the flat Earth issue). All pages should now be tidy.

The outburst of activity is the result of finally taking control over my hateful world-class FQA publishing software, which was, at last, merged, fixed, and put on a single machine. From now on, fixes should appear instantaneously (as opposed to being deferred until I take control over my hateful publishing software).


Added the Cat++ link face, at the end of a day of C++ debugging. I wonder if it shows in the so-called art.


Added an FQA correction - C++ has bool.

Linked to the comp.lang.c++.moderated thread from the FQA FAQ.

Added an image with operator<< to the link faces page.


Added an item about iostream and internationalization to others' criticism page.

Renamed the "Web vs *" pages since the names started to look annoying to me. What was I thinking?

Edited in a correction about EDG selling Java and Fortran front-ends, and then removed the whole thing.


Added the Web vs C++ page and the first three issues (implicit conversions and parsing C++ x 2).

Updated the FQA FAQ to mention the corrections page in the present tense, since it now exists, and added three braindead, but genuinely frequently asked questions.


Added the Web vs C++ FQA page and the first correction (virtual inheritance).

Gave up on Web 2.0 and asked people to e-mail me if they want to talk about the FQA. Updated the FAQ and the main page.

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