Looking for senior IT/DevOps people

June 30th, 2016

I wouldn't spam you with these job offers if didn't work :-) So, we're looking for senior IT people to work at our Jerusalem offices ‚Äď managers and hands-on people alike.¬†We have¬†rapid growth, "Big Data" (it definitely is crash Excel¬†-¬†in fact,¬†at one point it was close to physically crashing through the floor¬†due to the storage servers'¬†weight, but luckily that's been handled), "HPC" (biggish server farms, distributed build & tests, etc.),¬†and many other buzzwords [1].¬†I don't know where IT ends and DevOps starts but I guess a good candidate could have¬†either in their CV, so there.

If you have qualified friends looking for a¬†challenging, well-paying job at a fun place, send their CVs, the sooner the better ‚Äď we're in a hurry (rapid growth!), so early birds are¬†more likely to get the can of worms. As always, "challenging" is a downside as much as an¬†upside¬†(a place where IT means Exchange, SAP and little else might pay very well for a more predictable and less demanding job.)

We value experience in building and maintaining non-trivial systems, and technical reasoning (X happens because of Y, Z is most efficient if you use it to do W, etc.) We also value experience in higher-level areas such as management and purchasing, and business reasoning (don't hook X and Y together since their vendors compete and will sabotage the project, Z beats W in terms of total cost of ownership, etc.) We do kinda lean towards thinking of technical aptitude as a cornerstone on top of which solid higher-level expertise is built. (We've seen managers snowed by vendors, reports, etc., which is a perennial problem in tech at large and isn't restricted to IT.)

If you'd like to hear more details, please email [email protected]

[1] what we don't have is a heavy-duty web site/application, which might make the position less relevant for some.