About me

I've worked in "tech", as a programmer, a manager and variously named combinations of these roles. I've spent the most time working on hardware/software co-design (accelerator & chip architecture, modeling / simulation, verification), low-level software (drivers, parallelism frameworks, real time signal processing / machine learning code), and software tools (compilers, debuggers, profilers, race detectors, build systems etc.)

I'm interested in hand-drawn animation and animation software. I believe that computer animation has historically done much more for 3D than 2D animation, that there's a lot of low-hanging (and not so low, but still hanging) fruit left to pick in 2D computer-assisted animation, and that there's a lot of interesting stuff between "done fully by hand" and "generated automatically from a text prompt." I'm hoping to put some serious time into finding out more.

I don't speak for my employer.

I was born in Moscow, and live in Jerusalem.