checkedthreads binaries

This is a collection of binary releases of checkedthreads, a fork/join parallelism framework for C and C++ with automatic race detection.

It is recommended to read about building from sources even if you want to just download binaries, in order to know what's in the package.

If you want me to add binaries for some platform, please contact me so we can discuss what it takes.

What you get

You need 3 things to use checkedthreads:

If you want to use version 1.0 on 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04, then all the 3 things are available at checkedthreads-1.0-ubuntu-12.04-amd64.tar.bz2.

After extracting the archive:

Hope this helps, and do tell if you want binaries for other platforms.


Not a whole lot at the moment...


Source code snapshots, just in case.