Coding standards: is consistency prettier than freedom?

Different projects have different coding standards, and some have none at all. How does it affect the quality of code and developers' well-being? What results can we reasonably expect from a style guide?

Let's have a look at the effect of style guides in the real world. Here's how Jerusalem looks like:

These similarly looking buildings are near the city center. Here's a shot of the suburbs:

Same stuff, pretty much. White buildings, red roof tiles – or plain flat roofs.

And now for something completely different:

This is Tel Aviv. Buildings don't look similar to each other here. Nor do different parts of the city:

As you can see, in Tel Aviv, there's no style guide – everyone builds stuff to suit their own taste.

In Jerusalem, on the other hand, buildings have to be covered with Jerusalem stone, giving them their trademark off-white color. Jerusalem owes its visual consistency to a century-old style guide enforced by municipal laws.

Here are a few observations – relevant to most style guides, I think:

  • Consistent style is either enforced or lacking. Whatever virtues freedom may have, consistency of style is not one of them.
  • Consistent style is functionally inconsequential. Buildings in Jerusalem are about as safe and comfortable as buildings in Tel Aviv.
  • Psychologically, style does matter. Many people hate visiting Tel Aviv because it's ugly.
  • Whether consistent style is more beautiful is debatable. Many other people hate visiting Jerusalem because it's ugly.
  • People will defeat stylistic consistency despite the style guide. Here's an example from one of Jerusalem's suburbs, Ramot Polin – "a housing project for honeybees":

This is consistent with the style guide, but not very consistent with the actual look of other buildings – nor does it look very comfortable. Leading to my last observation:

  • A common style can be codified and enforced, but common sense can't be. Municipal law mentioned "off-white", but who would have thought to mention "rectangular"?

A sensible style guide is your one and only way to achieve consistent style – and not much else.

What if a style guide is not sensible? Here's a building from Tirana, Albania:

Here's another one:

Yep, that's the style guide over there – bright colors over ugly buildings. And there's nowhere to hide from the consistent style.

Maybe you actually love this style, and hate Jerusalem's uniform off-white. My point is that either way, the consistent style of one of those cities leaves no place for you to like.

Tel Aviv, on the other hand, has a place to like for both Tirana lovers and Jerusalem lovers. Off-white houses with red rooftops? Neve Tzedek has what you want:

Buildings painted in primary colors? Here's a hotel for you:

Personally, I still prefer Jerusalem though. Consistent style is better – if you like that particular style.

Requiring limestone vs banning asbestos

Can coding standards be described as style guides, or are they more than that?

The Google C++ Style Guide suggests that it is in fact more than a style guide:

The term Style is a bit of a misnomer, since these conventions cover far more than just source file formatting.

The document goes on to say that, apart from "enforcing consistency", it also "constrains, or even bans, use of certain features" – "to avoid the various common errors and problems that these features can cause".

"Enforcing consistency" does sound similar to requiring limestone – there's no direct functional impact. But "banning features to avoid problems" sounds more like banning asbestos – very much because of its functional impact, which can include cancer.

However, language features are different from building materials. Asbestos was discovered, not designed, and they couldn't know it'd cause cancer. C++ RTTI was designed and approved as a standard by strong programmers, who had in mind some cases where they thought it'd be useful.

RTTI is banned by the Google Style Guide, not the way asbestos is banned by regulations, but the way some sculptors prohibit their students to use fingers when they shape the fine details of clay. Learn to use proper sculpting tools – then do use fingers if necessary:

A query of type during run-time typically means a design problem. …you may use RTTI. But think twice about it. :-) Then think twice again.

Think four times and you'll be allowed to use RTTI. Think 1024 times and you're still not allowed to use asbestos in a housing project. That's because construction standards include functional considerations, but coding standards ultimately discuss style and style alone.

That's why the strictest coding standards allow exceptions. And that's why every banned feature is sometimes better than the proposed alternative.

Readability through inconsistency

Style guides enforce consistency. In the real world, we've seen that consistent style matters psychologically. In programming, people also advocate consistency for psychological reasons:

It is very important that any programmer be able to look at another's code and quickly understand it. Creating common, required idioms and patterns makes code much easier to understand.

Psychological reasons are important – but there are symmetric psychological arguments for inconsistency.

For example, required idioms can in fact make code easier to understand – or harder. Let's look at idioms actually required in some style guides:

  • The use of C++ "algorithms" such as std::for_each and std::transform instead of decade-old "patterns" called loops. I expect the idea to become widespread again, together with C++11 lambdas. Here's TheRegister's take on the impact on readability.
  • Yoda conditions: if(5 == num). This page – first Google hit for "Yoda conditions" at the time of writing – lists only benefits and no drawbacks, and proposes to add this to your style guide. Will code become more readable though? They're Yoda conditions! "If num is five" is how you always say it in English (and Hebrew, and Russian). If five is num, read as natural your code will not.

Of course my opinion on the readability of these patterns is debatable – which is precisely my point. Once a style guide is chosen, some people will experience the joy of fluent reading every time they hit if(5==num). Others will experience the pain of a mental roadblock – also every time.

A style guide will have something to dislike for everyone. When tastes are sufficiently different, the average amount of cringes per person stays the same under consistent style – and the variance rises (someone will hate a particularly popular mandatory pattern).

It's like keeping wealth constant and increasing inequality – something not even a political party would advocate. How is this psychologically a win?

But let's go ahead and assume that the "required idioms" suit everyone's taste, and, by themselves, actually make code easier to understand. Still:

  • External libraries will not follow your style guide. They follow style guides of their own. And this inconsistency can improve readability. Code using the library stands out, and the library's style can match the accepted domain-specific conventions better than your local style. In computer vision, X is the real world coordinate, x is the pixel coordinate – contrary to many software style guides.
  • You can't count on stylistic conventions, because there are exceptions. Google's code orders parameters such that inputs come first, but memcpy & snprintf don't. You either have to look out for exceptions or risk misunderstandings by blindly assuming consistency.
  • Different people think differently, even if their code looks the same. I find it easier to understand programmers' intents through their unique style. When they're all forced to write superficially similarly, I can't tell who wrote what, and what the subtext of the code is.

I'll illustrate the last point with a couple of examples. I knew O.M. before I ever saw him and before I even knew his name. To me, he was the programmer with the two spaces before the trailing const:

inline int x()  const;

I knew him through his code: mathematically elegant, obsessive about fine details of type-based binding and modeling. I could guess what he left out with an intent to maybe add it later. I understood him.

Likewise, I can always spot G.D.'s code by the right-leaning asterisk:

int *p,*q=arr+i;

G.D. certainly couldn't care less about types – similarly to most people with this asterisk alignment. I know his code: terse, efficient, to the point. I know what to expect.

Who wrote this code?

camelCaseName = longerCamelCaseName-camelCaseName;

I dunno, the collective unconscious wrote it. Anyone could write it – or several people patching after each other. I fail to identify with the author and guess his intent – it could be anyone. The code has no smell or taste to me.

This can sound a bit crazy – "does he actually advocate that everyone develops as uncommon style as possible as a way to mark his trail"? Of course I don't mean that.

I think what I'm saying can make more sense if you think of style and taste in code as analogous to the taste of food. Of course it's ridiculous to expect every restaurant to make food with a unique taste. Many people like pizza, many people know how to make pizza – so expect much similarly-tasting pizza around.

But we wouldn't like to always eat food cooked to the same spec by restaurants in a single franchise. If someone knows to make food with a unique taste, we welcome it.

And unique taste of your food doesn't indicate that it's bad for your health. Moreover, food with a familiar taste can be very unhealthy – much of it is.  Code in a familiar style has a comforting look – sometimes misleadingly.

I don't think requiring the same taste everywhere is how you improve the health of a code base.

Popular demand

I'm naturally inclined to argue against coding standards, because it feels like bureaucracy unthinkingly imposed on the work process from above. However, what if it's not imposed from above – what if the programmers themselves want it?

Many certainly do. Many good ones do.

Incidentally, while I was writing this, I stumbled upon an article arguing for consistency – for the very reasons I use to argue against it:

If code isn’t written in a consistent style in your team, whenever you come across code with the spacing a bit wrong, the first thing your head’s going to process is "I didn’t write this."

…Exactly why I like personal style! I really didn't write it – it's his code, I want to understand him, and his style helps greatly.

This is a natural feeling, and as we all know coders have a hard [time] to restrain impulse to rewrite any piece of code they didn’t write.

I understand that impulse very well. Personally, I hate new food more than anyone I know – I eat the same thing every day, for months, for years. I do prefer Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. And I like consistent style – especially my own.

But why should others be forced-fed my favorite cabbage salad? Is consistency that much prettier than freedom?

Team spirit

I don't argue with people who favor a consistent style – and I can't. The article above is nostalgic about a team that followed a style guide "religiously". How can nostalgia be refuted? Clearly, consistent style can create a unique team spirit that to some is valuable and memorable.

All I can and do argue is that a lack of a style guide can also create a good atmosphere that is preferred by some other people.

In fact I believe it is exactly team spirit that a style guide – or lack thereof – actually affects. All other effects come indirectly through the impact on atmosphere. Here's my attempt at taking the social effect into account:

  • I won't break established conventions. Following conventions is a great way to say, "I respect the local tradition and the wisdom it embodies." And I'll thoroughly enjoy the limestone covering our code – I like consistency. Yay, a beautiful code base! And if the convention is really bad – I hopefully won't need to join the team in the first place.
  • However, I won't establish and enforce conventions when I'm the one starting with a clean slate. Having no conventions is a great way to say, "join my project to express yourself without artificial constraints".

From team spirit to grassroots bureaucracy

Did you know Ken Thompson is not allowed to check in code at Google? He said so in his Coders at Work interview:

Seibel: I know Google has a policy where every new employee has to get checked out on languages before they're allowed to check code in. Which means you had to get checked out on C.

Thompson: Yeah, I haven't been.

Seibel: You haven't been! You're not allowed to check in code?

Thompson: I'm not allowed to check in code, no.

The programmer who co-created Unix is not allowed to check in code. If this isn't a bureaucracy, what is? But it's inevitable – with rules, you always paint yourself into a corner that way. Allow some to break the conventions, and you will have offended everyone else. Use the same rules for everyone – and some won't contribute.

Of course, Thompson does contribute to Google. Well, Google has plenty of ways to motivate him to do that. And, apparently, they have good programmers willing to write production code based on his uncommitted prototype code.

But we're not all like Google that way. We can't all afford the inevitable laughable outcomes of bureaucracies. If you come across an original programmer with an off-beat style, do you want him to join your project or to move on?

Grassroots bureaucracy is still bureaucracy. I wouldn't object to an established bureaucracy that people claim to value. But I wouldn't establish a new one, either.


A style guide can make code look prettier to some – and uglier to others – but not tangibly better, except if programmers enjoy it so much as to produce better code.

This is equally true for the lack of a style guide. The results of freedom look prettier to some and uglier to others.

Personally, I believe that one rule too few is better than one rule too many, so I don't bother to enforce a common style.

P.S.: when I become a neat-freak

Generally, I tend to enforce little to no conventions. Here are the exceptional situations where I actually enter the ridiculous position of telling people how to write their code.

Interfaces should be consistent

I don't care if an interface looksLikeThis or like_this. But if it uses both, then I'll ask the author to change it to one of the styles – the one which came first. For users to feel confident, an interface should look well thought-out – which implies an illusion of a single author, which implies a consistent style.

By "interface", I only mean the outermost stuff called by module users. Internal functions, classes, etc. can look like Tel-Aviv as far as I'm concerned. For instance, in a simple server, the "interface" to me is just the protocol, and nothing in the code itself.

Warnings should be errors

I hate the concept of compiler warnings – I link it to the concept of guilt. "Fine, be that way, do this evil implicit conversion thing – but if something happens, I will have told you so." Why should we put up with such manipulative behavior? Pick a position – refuse to compile, or compile silently.

However, in practice, compatibility issues make what has to be errors into warnings. If it compiled 30 years ago, it has to keep compiling, even if nobody wants it to compile in new code. Even if compilers could always prove the code wrong, but initially didn't bother, and it happens to work in old programs.

So, to the dismay of freedom-lovers, I turn warnings into errors where I can (as in -Werror) – even if I can't cherry-pick the "right" warnings. Mainly since when a file generates 10 (false) warnings, the eleventh (truly useful) warning goes unnoticed.

Another reason is that warnings cause guilt – they are evil, and must be destroyed. If I didn't destroy them by turning them into errors, I'd have to destroy them by disabling them. Then I'd never get that eleventh useful warning.

But except for these two pet peeves – interfaces and warnings – I do think grown-up programmers should be left alone.

P.P.S.: Greetings from the Overextended Metaphor Parrot

Originally, I had a few references to Bauhaus architecture in the text – how Tel Aviv has buildings in the Bauhaus style and Jerusalem doesn't because of its limestone requirement, and how Ken Thompson's inability to commit code at Google is analogous to that. However, as a commenter pointed out, there are buildings in the Bauhaus style in Jerusalem – in my own neighborhood, actually, so I obviously walked past them plenty of times.

I guess this goes to show that good architects have no trouble complying with a style guide – and that I shouldn't overextend metaphors in areas where I'm not minimally competent.


#1 Barry Kelly on 12.12.11 at 3:57 pm

It can be even worse. I can barely tolerate *reading* the Mono source code because of their convention of putting a space between a function and the opening parenthesis of the arguments, so you get code like "foo (x, bar (y, z))", it just looks so hideous my eyes almost bleed. Needless to mention, I could never contribute to a codebase so afflicted.

#2 Entity on 12.12.11 at 7:38 pm

There are two aspects here to focus on regarding coding styles, and also relation to real world architecture!

You will find this is repeated around the world and is a very common pattern. For a housing market or land market, that is highly regulated the more expensive it is (typical housing bubbles develop). Though with added consistency and psychological pleasing architecture comes at a price, and that is the barrier to enter is higher, and thus natural monopole start developing.

The second part, you've were talking about is style or common pattern when reading source code. I've been wondering about this for some time, and why this is the case. What fundamentals reasons could be there for programmers to fight so much over this over and over again. I've seen programmers fight in the office regarding style, and having a consistent pattern. The management comes along and says that everyone should follow a define style to stop people for a better or less wasting time.

The trust is….. at a funder-mental level IT MATTERS, it MATTERS a lot.

It's not about style, it's not about being pleasing. It goes deeper than your frontal cortex and your eyes.

The full picture can be found by reading the book from (bill hill) "The magic of reading" on his blog, its a free document about how we read.

Here is the link.

For a quick summary of the article. The human eye has a resolution of 0.2mm thick. This only gives us a very narrow resolution when we read. So this means, that the best font sizes to read source code is 10 to 12 point in size, anything above and bellow this the speed at which we read drastically falls off.

We've evolved from hunters and gathers species that inherently pattern matching was key part of our survival. Being able to quickly identifiy friend and foe could mean the difference between survial and also death. So, we all have these traits from the cave man days. Reading a book or text is using these same fundermental skills of reading on the computer screen. So font that are serif and are 10 to 12 point in size are inheritently faster to interpret than font's that aren't.

So why are all the programmers fighting and will allways fight over style?

Because they're not fighting over style, or what looks good. They're fighting over a fundermental lower pattern reconition. For them, their style takes no concious effert to read. So they can instinictly can read their code un-conciously. This allow's them to focus their mind at the algorithems and the data structures like hunting a animal in the wild.

When something changes, or pattern changes they lose the ability to un-conciously read the text and have to mentally conciously focus on the text on the screen to interpret what is going on. This is where the problem is and everything that is talked about it is all a red herring.

Programmers are not fighting over style, aritechture or beauty, they're infact fighting over the ability to read on the screen at the most optional rate, and this is typically naturally related to un-concious reading).

The reason why coding standards are used, and typically miss the point COMPLETLY. Is that it allow's everyone to agree on a standard, but more fundermental than that, it allows all developers to move from concious reading to un-concious reading of the source code. It works, it creates a huge amount of fighting, because no-one has the same tracking and pattern reconition for hunting.

As a conclusion of all this, I agree with you with your blog about the style, though at a fundermental issue everyone is talking like we're these supreme beings and we're human 2.0 when in-fact, we're primitive human 1.0 version. Sooner we accept it, and adapt our working practices a lot of these problems will go away.

#3 Yossi Kreinin on 12.12.11 at 10:45 pm

@Barry Kelly: I guess I could live with the space after the function name. Would you not contribute, in theory, even if much of the code used that style, but some wouldn't, and you wouldn't have to put that space in your own code?

@Entity: It's an interesting perspective, but the whole point of vision and the reason it pays to carry around so much brain tissue to support it is that it's my problem to recognize what I see – not a problem of the things I see. Coders forcing their style on others are like hunters demanding prey to have a standard look – exactly the opposite of what prey wants. If prey wanted to be seen, it'd transmit a unique frequency and we'd have a receiver for it – much more economical than vision.

True, fellow coders are supposedly your friends as opposed to hunted animals who sort of have the opposite agenda from yours. On the other hand, we can't create a single coding monoculture just because there are too many programmers to coordinate their style. Therefore you'll necessarily have to deal with code not following your preferred style – and I'd expect vision, which was designed to cope with adversarial strategies with regards to appearance, to be able to deal with non-adversarial, "just different" patterns introduced by other humans. Certainly my vision prefers inconsistency in a way.

#4 Gregory on 12.13.11 at 2:17 am

Keep in mind newcomers to a project can be demanding for coding conventions.

Following conventions makes them confident about their work being accepted/integrated into the code base. They're even more at ease if they know they can bend rules if they really want/need to.

But since all people in the project are supposedly equally smart, they just accept to adapt themselves, cut endless debates and move on doing interesting things

#5 Nikolai Kondrashov on 12.13.11 at 4:05 am

There is, of course, a personality behind every coding style. Sometimes it's an interesting one, sometimes unkempt, sometimes somewhat boring.

Humans are adaptable beings. That's why they survive. You can adapt to a coding style. I did this many times. It takes some effort and at first you have to concentrate a bit harder to read the code. Obviously, the less you need to switch the style, the less effort you spend.

The worst case is when everybody is using their own style and everybody need to change everyone else's code. It is more effective to switch the style once than to switch it every day, even if *everyone* needs to switch their style.

It is often not possible to maintain a single style, especially in big projects: different languages may be used, there could be administrative boundaries, third party libraries, some style suits some problems better, etc. A whole other can of worms is the personal aesthetics.

So, you should strike for balance, but less varied style is more effective.

#6 Lehahahaha on 12.13.11 at 5:30 am

All those talks about coding standards… I just don’t get it. From my experience (which is not so solid at this point), coding standards are important on a much higher level – on the level of loose coupling/high cohesion, design patterns, etc. Vars and class and method names – this is from another opera.

All homes in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv are designed with loose coupling/high cohesion in mind, they are separate and have well-defined simple interfaces (doors, windows, address (which is not a completely unique id but still..)). Anyone from another country can use those simple interfaces very well. So why bother with roofs color?..

If you arrive in a city and you see that (its written in perl haha) it has actually one big house instead of separate houses, and you cant get inside, cause it does not implement EnterenceAndWindows interface, or the door is 7 kilometers above the sea level… Would you be much concerned about the fact that this houses walls are painted with green?

Coding standards can somehow help you program faster, or to keep in mind more things relevant to your project or manipulate them with more ease? I don’t think so.

I think its more like the real world – first you know what you are going to do, then you’ll get the details on how you will do that (intention first). For example you want to get drunk with Dave – you surf the documentation on how to, then youll use IDE with autocomlition to quickly make it happen. Would it be
Humans.CurrentLocation.Dave.Deeds.getReallyDrunk(Me, Today, true);
or it would be more like
humans.current_location.dave.deeds.get_really_drunk(me, today, true);
or even
thingsToDoNow.getDrunk(Dave, extremely, yes_i_mean_extremely);

Who cares? I surf documentation, use autocomplition and not storing in my mind method names (even if i did, it would be too easy to mix things up independently of using coding standards (is it getDrunk(Dave) or Dave.getDrunk(true) ? I don’t have to know!))

#7 AllanLane5 on 12.13.11 at 6:47 am

This is brilliant. After all the "This is the PERFECT style, all others suck!" blog entries, finally we have somebody producing a blog entry saying something different. And I love your Jerusalem v. Tel Aviv example.

Why, you've even said code having multiple styles in it is okay! I'm sure I'm going to be quoting you someday soon.

#8 Shimshon on 12.13.11 at 7:05 am

I have been following a particular style convention that I tweaked from one of my first post-college jobs.

But mainly, I am a stickler for consistent indentation. This gets me more than anything else! There are many reasons, but one is that when I am working on a section of code, I usually work directly at the left margin. Code-in-progress sticks out like a sore thumb.

I also hate inconsistent indenting in general, and it is practically universal. What is so hard about doing it right?!

#9 Roi on 12.13.11 at 7:35 am

No Bauhaus in Jerusalem? You should take a look at, or just walk around Rechavia.

#10 Ferenc Mihaly on 12.13.11 at 11:51 am

That code consistency is merely a question of style is a very common misconception. It assumes that the role of the code is solely to make a computer work and ignores the second important function: communicating with other programmers. I'm glad that others before me already pointed this out.

If we want to use the building analogy, we have to mention that architects are significantly less creative and much more cautious when designing building features people actually use. Randomly placing steps, doors, interior walls, or elevator buttons doesn't earn you better reputation in that trade than writing messy code earns in ours. Your building analogy mainly considers the external, purely esthetic aspects of buildings, ignoring the functional ones.

It is quite unintuitive, but the fact that we find it mighty difficult to maintain code consistency in larger projects actually proves how important consistency is for programmers. Inconsistent one-man projects are rare. Most of us develop a personal coding style and stick with it. We become addicted to it to such extent that adopting a different coding style when we switch projects, organizations, or programming platforms is quite painful. We try to be consistent, but consistent with ourselves rather than consistent with our current project. In other words, we try to minimize our own pain, not the pain of others. This is quite natural.

People who argue for strict coding standards are extremists just like people who argue for no coding standards at all. The right approach is somewhere in the middle, but where in the middle depends on the kind of the project we are talking about. I personally do API design these days, an extreme case where we try to make things as painless for the caller as possible. And yes, we adhere to strict coding standards.

If you are still with me, here is my own blog post on the topic of (API) consistency:

#11 Yossi Kreinin on 12.13.11 at 11:57 pm

@Roi: I live in Rehavia and walk around plenty; you assume that I'd recognize Bauhaus architecture when I see it… I'll add the correction to the text sometime soon…

To all those saying consistent style is better than inconsistent: I can't argue with you, but you can't argue with me when I say it's worse :) Specifically, @Ferenz: you say "That code consistency is merely a question of style is a very common misconception" (because of "communicating with other programmers" – that concern I understand and I talked about it elaborately) – then go on to say that "Inconsistent one-man projects are rare. Most of us develop a personal coding style and stick with it." – that is, you go on to use "consistency" and "sticking to a coding style" interchangeably!

I understand the fact that code style helps communicate with other people (or gets in the way) – that's what I call "psychological considerations" (the code works either way but can be easier or harder to follow depending on style). I'm not saying it's not important, just that "style" is a valid term for this, that it is impossible to resolve issues of style resorting to arguments on function other than readability and other psychological, subjective concepts, and that there are people (for example, me), who prefer to follow code in many internally consistent, personal styles rather than a code base as if written by the Borg where you have no idea who wrote what and where inevitable personal differences in thinking are masked by unity of visual style.

The upshot is that you can't argue what makes communication easier for me anymore than I can argue what makes communication easier for you! The "objective" measures are opinion polls (haven't seen any and those are problematic because of selection bias – people who don't care about style are unlikely to care about polls), and measuring productivity under the alternative regimes (but we can't measure programming productivity). So this sort of has to remain subjective, and therefore, I believe we're all entitled to our opinions, as long as we state them as truths about ourselves and not the programming population at large.

#12 Bryce on 12.14.11 at 12:45 am

The biggest problem I've seen is people making the standards are usually very senior programmers and tech changes relatively fast, so when programming C++ I had to deal with cruft from C, Pro C, Ada and god knows what else. Then when using java I had to deal with the leftovers from C and C++.

My feelings are mostly the same, though. If you have to explain the drawbacks of RTTI or extern or goto then maybe you just don't need that programmer in the first place. But when you codify it you burn into people's brains something is bad. People seldom use pure virtual in C++ where it's appropriate, and gotos exist for very good reason. And no matter how big a list you come up with it's the horribly unexpected thing that will cause you trouble.

#13 Ferenc Mihaly on 12.14.11 at 8:28 am

@Yossi If my comment sounded like I missed the finer points of your post, I'm sorry. I would not have bothered to comment if I completely disagreed with you. And yes, I used some words interchangeably and inconsistently… quite annoying, isn't it?

#14 Yossi Kreinin on 12.14.11 at 9:13 am

Well, it wasn't annoying at all, just showed that you categorize concerns regarding consistency as "style" yourself :)

BTW, I agree that APIs should be consistent and I made an explicit exception for them in the post. In an API-intensive effort like the one you mentioned, sure there has to be a person in charge of consistency. I just think it isn't a big win in implementation code, and most of the code is implementation code.

#15 Andy on 12.26.11 at 7:56 pm

The honest truth about code styles, is that your brain can get used to pretty much anything, if you just force yourself to use it for two weeks. I used to *hate* the K&R brace style, then I found myself on a team that enforced it, now I actually prefer it.

But, your brain never quite gets accustomed to inconsistency, so if your code has a mix of styles then those subtle differences will always be a distraction. If your ultimate goal is to solve a real problem (rather than personal expression) then you want to discourage those distractions.

As far as recognizing the author by code style, this is another bad thing I think. It's a bad code smell to have code that is "owned" by one person; this tends to discourage other people from reading or modifying the code, and you end up with bugs that only one person knows how to fix.

#16 Andreas Krey on 12.26.11 at 10:35 pm

Funny that the very first comment vows against the space(s) in 'f (arg, arg)', as I do it that way (and in an earlier life did 'f(arg,arg)', but seriously cringe at 'f( arg, arg )'. Who did even come up with the latter, anyway?

#17 Michael "Doc" Norton on 12.27.11 at 5:55 am

I don't think buildings or food are good analogies for code when discussing style and standards.

I think of code in terms of communication between two or more people, rather than communication between people and machines. When writing, one should consider their audience. Just as I wouldn't put "ROFLMAO" in a legal contract, I am not likely to use "heretofore" in a text to my son.

#18 Yossi Kreinin on 12.27.11 at 6:18 am

@Andy: you can tell me what your brain gets accustomed to and what it doesn't get accustomed to; you can't really tell me about mine :) As to code ownership – I actually quite like it:

@Michael: I don't edit legal contracts for a reason… As to code – sure, it's communication between people, and we do have to consider the audience, but does this mean that all writers or public speakers or just people talking to each other should all use the same style? To continue your analogy, I believe that a good editor leaves the author's style alone, but can give a good advice on making the overall structure of the text more comprehensible – and proofreading is handy, too. Then there are editors who nitpick and won't leave any of your sentences alone – those IMO are bad editors, and I believe that very strictly enforcing style in code comes from the same instincts.

#19 Efim Belman on 12.30.11 at 11:11 am

I had a conversation once about how the w.c. pan cover to be treated in the optimal way – should you being man (in terms of standing peeing) or woman (in terms of sitting peeing) how the pan cover to be left – up or down and how it depends on the sexual being of a previous visitor. And my claim was the optimum can be achieved if you leave the cover as you found it – once you had it closed entering the lavatory – leave it closed, was it opened – open it as you leave. The same holds for the code – once you are entering some others pan – behave like he/she used to and leave the code in exactly same conditions like it was before. Just do not touch the internals…

#20 Yossi Kreinin on 12.31.11 at 3:09 am

@Efim: that's what I do myself, usually. However, when someone changes my own code, sometimes I like the fact that the change looks like someone else's code – easier to spot. If someone is behaving "like me", he better actually behaved like I would – if he's emulating my style but does things very differently from the way I'd do, it's actually harder to figure out what's going on once I no longer remember my own original code enough to easily tell which parts are my own and which parts are someone else's.

Basically there are two extremes – many people working as one person and everyone working as himself – both are OK, the latter is somewhat worse but easier to achieve; and then there's that bad point in the middle where everyone pretends to be the same person but only succeeds as far as appearance goes, but not at the level of substance.

(If you insist on discussing it in the terms of your analogy, I guess that would be leaving the seat down having peed on it without cleaning it up – because the previous person left the seat down. I believe whoever enters next would rather have you break the convention and leave the seat up to having it down according to the convention but peed on. In code, not everybody is sophisticated enough to correctly pee in a style foreign to him; I prefer them to pee in their own style but in a substantially sound way…)

#21 G.D. on 01.16.12 at 11:54 pm

Well, this is just to say hello, was an interesting read ….)

#22 Yossi Kreinin on 01.17.12 at 9:43 am

…I recall, BTW, that you once had a machine named tirana.

#23 R.B. on 02.24.12 at 9:04 pm

Back in the early 90s, one of the developers I worked wrote his own web browser because he didn't like how ugly most sites were and thought that got in the way of comprehension. His browser put the user at the forefront, and trying to render things in a way that made sense to them: better fonts, minimizing graphical content, allowing the user to override most of the structural junk. (This was the early 90s.) His point was that no matter what the HTML author wrote, the user should be able to view it in a way that makes sense to THEM.

I wonder if the same approach can't be applied to code. Why can't editors show me code in the way that makes sense to ME? If I want consistent formatting and braces on their own line, make it look that way. The raw code itself is just symbols and whitespace–presentation isn't the same as the raw data. Each developer should be able to see what their brain is used to, without forcing that on everyone else.

#24 Yossi Kreinin on 02.25.12 at 1:47 am

I think HTML is a great example of how hard it really is to separate content from presentation. I think that trying such separation with code is interesting – "Intentional Programming" (ex-Microsoft) is I think one of the most developed systems done using this approach, and then we have Subtext/Coherence – but there are IMO good reasons to all successful programming languages always using text that is viewed and edited straightforwardly as text, with a sprinkle of tooltips and autocompletion.

#25 c on 04.12.12 at 12:11 pm

This is why I use the console and a text only browser to read code and HTML.

Everything looks more or less the same.

HTML formatting becomes more or less "standardised". Every HTML page looks very much the same. Only the text is different.

And font variations are eliminated.

Easier reading.

#26 Alpheus on 06.04.12 at 7:38 am

I think I generally agree with Yossi on this: that coding standards can be good for a project, because it helps the developers working on homogeneous code, but being able to recognise which individual wrote what can sometimes be useful, and even important, too.

On the other hand, one idea I came across a while ago (and I unfortunately cannot find the original blogpost that made this point) is the idea that certain coding standards should simply be enforced by the compiler. The person suggesting this proposed that K&R style, for example, should be enforced for C.

I can see the point of this–it ends the Style Wars, among other things–but I also suspect that no matter how tightly you enforce standards, there's always going to be enough wiggle-room to do things that will drive other programmers batty.

But then, I can also imagine a compiler that enforces a "no space after a function but before the parenthesis" rule driving a developer batty, who just spent hours trying to find the syntax error, because he accidentally placed a space between a function and its opening parenthesis. The nice thing about deviating from style *guidelines* is that if you depart from them, even accidentally, working code still compiles. You could always fix style problems later, and usually, it's just a cosmetic fix anyway…at least, if it's a syntax thing, it's cosmetic.

From using Python, though, one conclusion I've made is that enforcing indentation is a good idea (even when I've occasionally wished I could add an extra indent to a block of related lines of code, to help it stand out, and Python wouldn't let me do it).

#27 coding_style on 07.29.12 at 10:41 am

Yossi, I've worked on a project where one of the coders was using Whitesmith style, another wa using GNU style, and the the rest were using K&R style…

Switching between these

if (condition1) {
if (condition2) {


if (condition1)
if (condition2)


if (condition1)
if (condition2)


is an outright nightmare both for reading (WTH does this brace close??) and for writing (your editor won't help you at all with indentation).

And as code develops/gets refactored and new developers come in, the islands of consistency shrink, until you have no consistency even at file level (and it's all downhill from there).

#28 Joe Max on 12.03.12 at 2:05 pm

I really *love* R.B.'s idea in post #23.

If you could tell your editor what is the style *you* like so it renders the code in *your* screen the way *you* like it, then all these style wars would be over.

#29 Yossi Kreinin on 12.05.12 at 2:35 am

@Joe Max: I think it's awfully hard though, as it is very hard to present a complex website more neatly by taking the contents and using different styling; works in some cases, works worse in other cases.

With code, specifically, it could be even worse than HTML. What would you do about longNamesSuchAsThisOne, for instance – how do you show them to me if I like shortnames? If someone likes to use std::for_each, would you present it to me as a plain for loop?

#30 informatimago on 10.10.13 at 5:18 pm

The best blog of the year.

I'll just add that a lot of conventions are imposed because of limitations of tools, notably revision control systems and the diff algorithm.

But we could easily enough set up an IDE (eg. emacs), to unparse an internal representation (sexps) stored in files and revision control systems, and to produce a source text in the prefered style of the user. When the file is saved, it is parsed and saved back into a normalized form, that is never read by human readers, but only by the tools (diff, compilers, etc).

#31 Yossi Kreinin on 10.11.13 at 8:05 am

Thanks! As to non-textual representations of source code – I'm guessing the reason it wasn't ever done successfully (though MS did it once in a never-adopted product) is that it's harder in practice than in theory.

#32 Massau on 07.30.16 at 7:04 pm

I actually prefer no coding style. Because a coding style will distract many programmers when reviewing other people code. for example they will flag code because of the style and not because of an error in its content.

for example the programmer wrote checking a pointer if it was valid:
but to check if it is invalid
The reviewer might flag this line of code because the styling guide said has to written like:
if(something != nullptr)
But the reviewer misses the obvious error.

So every team should use an auto formatter, does away with the human linter like reviewing and gives the added bonus that
that refactoring with regular expressions becomes trivial.
Thus the style guide should only include things that can be enforced by a code formatter.

Also if someone prefers a different style he can just use the auto formatter to convert to a different style.

Also when people read the same style then it becomes hard for them to read in a different style.
They will think less about the code they read and over look most of the errors.
Something relevant but not directly on code:

But what really nags me are coding conventions that make you code verbose, obscure or are for the sake of readability.
for example
-you have to put all constants at the top of the file.
-you are not allowed to use the conditional operator.
-do not use ! but explicitly check with == 0 or nullptr etc.

A convention should help programmers avoid common pitfals or hacks Like.
- don't use exceptions for the program flow
- friend objects should be avoided.
- use override for an inherited virtual function.

But not :
- lamda function should not be longer than x lines.
- std bind is not allowed.

Even worse are coding conventions that ban features or only allow a small subset
of the language just because of the sake of readability since that is highly subjective.
- don't use typedef,
- don't use higher order functions.
- don't use anything that is not OOP.

All these rules reduce flexibility and thus make code less reusable and maintainable. Or straightforward to use.

For me a better rule would be a library should trade in readability and complexity for flexibility.
Thus making the application code more readable and simpler and shorter.

#33 Wheeljack on 06.26.17 at 6:49 pm

My experience has been that nonsensical rules are always pushed hardest by the least capable developers.

They can't read other peoples' code. Instead of improving their reading skills, they move to handcuff everybody else into their typing pattern. What's ironic is that doing this ignores the possibility that other developers can't read their code either. Now those developers have a second problem, trying to write code that they already couldn't read.

What's worse, poor writing usually follows from poor reading. The readability police rarely follow their own rules. That, to me, suggests that the problem isn't in reading other developers code but reading code in general. Forget the question of why an illiterate gets to dictate spelling and grammar, why do we have somebody who can't read or write code employed as a developer at all?

Small wonder that so much software these days is barely functional and full of holes…

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